Leadership Matters.

We are experts in helping leading investment management firms continue winning. And we recognize that winning today is harder than ever.  Our premise is simple: to be an industry leader in today’s more challenging environment, flawless execution makes all the difference.  If you have a crystal-clear plan of attack and the right leadership team working optimally to execute on that plan, you’re probably leaving your competitors in the dust.

If not, let’s talk.

  • Innovation

    “In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.”

    —Benjamin Zander
    Author, The Art of Possibility

    “You have to be careful what you think you know.”

    —Simon Sinek
    Author, Start with Why

    “Nearly 100% of innovation is inspired not by “market analysis” but by people who are supremely pissed off by the way things are.”

    —Tom Peters
    Author, In Search of Excellence

    Our clients challenge assumptions. They unearth new ideas by drawing on the best thinking of the whole organization. They eschew what’s probable for what’s possible.

  • Execution

    “We have a ‘strategic plan’. It’s called doing things.”

    —Herb Kelleher
    Founder, Southwest Airlines

    “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”

    —James Baldwin

    “Soon is not as good as now.”

    —Seth Godin
    Marketer & Author

    “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither”


    Our clients prize action and agility. They focus on what matters. They embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

  • Vision

    “Do work that matters.”

    —Seth Godin
    Author, Linchpin

    “I am prepared to try anything once.”

    —Sir Richard Branson
    Founder & Chairman, Virgin Group

    “There is no passion to be found playing small.”

    —Nelson Mandela
    President of South Africa, Revolutionary, Politician, and Philanthropist

    Our clients think bigger. They navigate the future more boldly. They seek to leave a mark.

  • Engagement

    “Leaders lead when they take positions, when they connect with their tribes, and when they help the tribe connect to itself.”

    —Seth Godin
    Author, Tribes

    “Delighting the customer is hugely profitable.”

    —Steve Denning
    Author, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management

    “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

    —Simon Sinek
    Author, Start With Why

    “In business, you are who you hire.”

    —Geoff Smart
    Author, Who

    Our clients value meaningful human connections. They build strong tribes. They believe deeply in the power of inspiration and generosity.

  • Integrity

    “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”

    —George Bernard Shaw
    Playwright, Nobel Prize Winner & Oscar Winner

    “Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all the time.”

    —Clayton Christensen
    Professor, Harvard Business School & Author, The Innovator’s Dilemma

    “Information is king, hyper-connectedness puts that information in the hands of the many, and transparency reveals all: this is our new reality.”

    —Dov Seidman
    Author, How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything

    Our clients know who they are. They take 100% responsibility for being their best. They are aligned with their vision, communicate courageously and act with transparency.


We created The Imprint Group to help the investment management industry thrive.

Investment management firms need to perform at their best because their clients’ future depends on it. The Imprint Group is committed to helping investment management firms prosper because the work they do really matters.

Superior execution is driven by a superior leadership team.

It’s simple: An effective leadership team serves as the foundation for better execution. We are the advisor of choice to forward-thinking executive teams who value our objective view, our twenty-plus years of industry experience and our uncanny ability to set clear priorities.  We don’t write long-winded reports telling you what you need to do.  We partner with you to help you actually get it done.

We help clients tackle a range of important challenges.

We are industry experts.

Today’s investment management leaders need to continue winning amid a new set of challenges—managing organizations that have grown dramatically in size and complexity, attracting and fully engaging the best people within a more diverse and demanding talent pool, and developing a strong bench of future leaders to take the firm forward. In short, managing and motivating people is more important than ever. We have firsthand experience, having held front row seats as the industry has evolved over the past twenty years.

We are people experts.

Our solutions draw on rigorous research in the areas of executive assessment, human performance and organizational dynamics. Functioning as a “talent lab,” we combine the best thinking in each of these domains with a deep understanding of how investment firms operate. In an industry where your biggest asset is people, wouldn’t you want to be a people expert too?

We’re a bird of a different feather.

People often ask us “What box should we put you in?” Our partners are former investment management executives, talent development experts and strategy consultants. We are part strategic consulting firm because we are an experienced team of strategic thinkers whose focus is improving your organization’s performance. We are part executive coaching firm because as people experts, we work intensively with individuals and teams to amplify their impact. And we are part talent development firm because developing talent is central to our work. Think of us as a Swiss army knife, able to bring the best of all three domains to bear.

We work with clients who care about tangible results.

We are inordinately passionate about our client’s success—meaningful client impact is our scorecard every day. Our fees are performance-based and we guarantee our work. Our clients are evaluated on measurable outcomes and we feel we should be as well.

Change requires a strong tribe.

Creating a better industry takes building a robust tribe. When working with The Imprint Group, clients gain access to a unique ecosystem of similarly accomplished leaders, providing them with a forum to share best practices and glean new insights in service of a stronger industry.